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Tips and Tricks to Shorten Your Learning Curve

The length of your learning curve determines how fast you can master any skill and, consequently, your career. So, here are a few tips that will help you shorten your learning curve:-

Define Your Objective

Whatever skill you want to accomplish has to be realistic, tangible, measurable and as defined as possible. When you know exactly what you want to achieve and in how much time, you will be completely focused and thus, your learning curve will shorten.

Consult an Experienced Professional

Talking to someone who has already mastered what you are intending to do will help you get a real perspective. You can ask them about the process, any suggestions they have for you and also about any obstacles they experienced during the process. Your learning curve will shorten because you will be taking advantage of someone else’s experience.

Give Yourself a Deadline

If you take on a project with an open timeline, you are most likely going to add weeks or even months to your learning curve. Without a deadline, you have no urgency or pressure to complete the project/skill and you end up telling yourself, “I will get to it when I get to it.” However, make sure your deadline is realistic. It shouldn’t be so short that it affects your quality of work and it shouldn’t be so long you are wasting time.

Break Down What Your Want to Achieve

Once your deadline is set, make a map or a set of steps that will help you get where you want to get. Your plan should consist of weekly, monthly and yearly tasks. Checking off each milestone as you move towards your goal will help you stay focused and motivated to keep going.

Tell Other People about What You Are Trying To Accomplish

When you share your dreams and goals with other people, it helps with two things. First of all, it makes it more realistic because until now it was all just in your head, but saying it out loud makes it a more serious commitment. Second of all, now that others know what you are trying to achieve, you are more likely to stick to your deadlines because your inner conscious wants to show those people you can do it.

Find Someone Who Will Give You Honest Feedback

Sometimes, you need another person to tell you if you are on the right track or not. So, get the opinion of someone who you will give you unbiased and critical feedback.

Why Everybody Should Learn To Code

Technology is advancing at lightning speed and almost everything is going digital. Digitalization is performed through programming languages and learning how to code helps you to do many things that you would normally need a professional to do for you. It could be building a website, starting a software business, or even making a career out of it. However, the most significant benefit is you will be able to understand the technology that surrounds you and shapes your life.

Set Up Your Own Website

Since 1991, when the World Wide Web started, who knew that it would revolutionize the world of technology? It seems it has totally engulfed us like flames and nothing’s going to stop it. Almost everything has now gone online, including retailers, recruiters, government processes, and anything else you can think of. This has made website building a crucial matter and it has now become the most convenient mode of communication with people around the world. If you have a business, maintaining a web presence is inevitable. If you don’t have a business, you might still want to create a brand for yourself, such as a personal blog or portfolio that will help you sell yourself to a potential employer. To build a website, you absolutely need to learn HTML and CSS code or else your options are limited.

Make a Career in Coding

If you are still deciding on what career path to take, or looking to switch, computer programming is definitely the career of the future. Currently, the demand for coders is higher than there are available in the job market, which means job hunting is considerably easier. At the rate computer technology is expanding, the expected rate of computer programming jobs is expected to increase 30% in the next decade. So, obviously it’s a no-brainer that with coders in high demand, the pay scale is quite attractive as well. If you want to learn coding yourself, there are endless guides available on the internet that can help you get started.

Start a Business

Let’s say that the little bulb in your head lit up and your idea is to create the next Facebook. Are you going to be able to afford a team of coders to do that? Learning the code yourself gives you the liberty to experiment with ideas on your own. There are countless examples of entrepreneurs who started their business with absolutely no coding knowledge. They learned on their own and were able to sell apps or start their own software firms.

Understand How Computers Work

Computers are part of our life like the oven, microwave and the washing machine in your house. We are surrounded by gadgets and the internet, so it only makes sense that you learn how these technologies operate. Needless to say, learning how to code has no downsides. You will only be adding to your skill set. Down the road when learning how to code will become absolutely essential, you will already be ahead of the game.